What Is The Best Time Season To Visit Hanoi Vietnam?

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What Is The Best Time Season To Visit Hanoi Vietnam?

What Is The Best Time Season To Visit Hanoi Vietnam?

Coming to Hanoi Vietnam during the best time period for your holidy will be good experience for your sightseeing and save for your cost budget as cheap accomodation, local transports as car rental with driver, taxi and flight fare cost.

Hanoi Vietnam weather is featured with humid subtropical climate  as well as has four seasons in a year such as the spring, summer, autumn and winner.

Located just north of the tropical belt, Hanoi around the year receives very rich and high temperature solar radiation. At the same time, due to the impact of the sea, Hanoi has a high humidity and rainfall, averaging 114 days of rain per year. The unique feature of Hanoi weather is the change and difference of two seasons: hot and cold .

What Is The Best Time Season To Visit Hanoi Vietnam?

The summer season is from May to September, with heavy rain, average temperature 28°C.

The winner season is from December to March next year  with an average temperature of 15°C. During this time the number of sunny days of the city down very low, the sky is often covered by clouds and fog, in February on average only 1.8 hours of sun shining.

With two transition periods in April (spring) and October (fall). Eventhough Hanoi weather in January is among the coldest months of the year however, January is also the driest month in Hanoi with the rainfall only 14mm/month, rain only 2 days in the month. At night, the temperature can be low under 10°C. During the day, even with sunshine it can be cold, high humidity at 70%.

However, in the climate like this (average temperature 14-21°C) is also a lucky opportunity for you to enjoy delicious Hanoi street food such as pho, hot pot and grilled dishes.

In addition, you will be able to see how Hanoi people are preparing for their biggest holiday – Tet Holiday is on end of January and middle of February every years.

Hanoi weather in February
As Lunar New Year usually takes place in this month, February is definitely the most festive month of a year. The temperature increases a little bit compared to January but still cold enough to support a number of outdoor festivals as well as enhance your appetite.

What Is The Best Time Season To Visit Hanoi Vietnam?

Hanoi weather in February becomes a little warmer with its average temperature from 14-21 Celcius degree in a day and drizzling rain and mist occur more often, especially in the morning. Besides jackets and gloves for early morning and night motorbike trip, taking an umbrella with you for walking tour in the drizzling rain sounds romantic.
Hanoi weather in March is very mild, with good weather and sunny days at noon. The temperature in a day is 17-23 ° C, above average while humidity does not change much compared to February is 75%.

Hanoi weather in March rainy day is not much about 4 days, the intensity of rain is higher than the drizzly in January a little 46mm. Spring weather is ideal for sightseeing, however, it is also susceptible to seasonal flu due to changing humidity and sunlight. The highlight of Hanoi this month is the bronze festival with human flags, lantern dancing and water sports. Besides, the festival of Phu Dong Thien Vuong in Gia Lam district also attracts tourists with water puppets about the legend of Thanh Giong.

Hanoi weather in April still has a warm climate but sometimes there are still cold winds blowing through. The weather is not too different from last month but still enjoy the most beautiful days of spring. The average temperature of Hanoi increases slightly by 22-27 degrees Celsius, the weather seems to be more favorable for visiting the city. Moreover, Hanoi is starting in the rainy season with a humidity of 76% and the number of rainy days is up to 91mm / 8 days. Do not forget to enjoy the most beautiful days of spring before coming to May, as the weather will change dramatically in the coming months.

What Is The Best Time Season To Visit Hanoi Vietnam?

Hanoi weather in May is the season change of spring to summer, so rainfall and temperature increase significantly.

At this time, Hanoi weather is not stable, the tropical depression can still pass through, making Hanoi colder in the beginning of the month. On the contrary, there are some days hot as in summer with the average temperature varies from 25 to 31 degrees Celsius. This time also marks the beginning of rainy season in Northern Vietnam with the precipitation of 183mm and there are about 14 rainy days in a month. Sudden showers can occur at anytime of the days. This kind of rain doesn’t last long, but can be a little annoying, so you’d better bring a umbrellas or lightweight raincoat if you visit Hanoi at this time.

Hanoi weather in June. However, the interesting thing is that June is also the start of domestic tourist season in Hanoi for their summer break.

The number of visitors is increasing significantly in recent years.

The average temperature at night is 28 degrees Celsius, humidity is 75% hot even at night. While the temperature of the day is 35 degrees Celsius, and up to 38 degrees Celsius on the peak of hot days, the sunburns uncomfortable at noon.

Hanoi weather in July is still among the hottest months of the year with the highest temperature. The heat dominated the whole month but the precipitation remains around 225mm. Hanoi is sun-drenched with clear blue sky, wind is not frequent, however, it is still pleasant due to the wind from the sea with high humidity of 72%. The average temperature at night is 27 degree Celsius, the day remains high temperature with 33 degree Celsius. High temperatures in combination with high humidity continue to produce heavy rains for about half of a month. Hanoi and northern part of Vietnam experience the hottest month, which is even hotter thatn the South. However, this is wonderful opportunity for visitors to enjoy “Ice lemon tea”, which is a unique things to do in Hanoi. Sitting on the street and watching the bustling life of Hanoians with a cup of ice tea is a part of Hanoi culture. You can also enjoy Trang Tien Ice Cream ( the 0 , it will give you a great relief from the hot summer weather or take a short trip to nearby places for sunbathing or swimming. Actually, visiting Hanoi in the rainy season is not a bad idea if you are keen on the real local life.

What Is The Best Time Season To Visit Hanoi Vietnam?

Hanoi weather in August marks the arrival of Autumn in Hanoi as well as the northern part of Vietnam.

Although the temperature in this month is still high, there are still light winds that make the air cooler and less muggy.

The average temperature is about 29-30 degrees Celsius, the average low temperature is 27oC, the average high temperature is 32oC. At this time, the climate in Hanoi is relatively stable with little change. The humidity remains about 75%.

August is at the peak of the rainy season with 296 mm of rainfall, divided into 18 days of rain. The sudden rain and heavy rain are also frequent this month.

In general, the weather is milder than in July, although temperatures are not much lower. Rain gear, umbrellas, short sleeves and shorts are what you need to prepare before visiting in Hanoi in August. Wandering Hanoi Old Quarter or strolling around the streets is a great choice!

The marks the end of the rainy season in Hanoi and also the beginning of the beautiful autumn – the season of flowers and love. The beauty of Hanoi in Autumn is exquisitely expressed by artists through songs and poems, thus make it among the best months to visit Hanoi.

Hanoi weather in September is the time of transition of summer to fall, the weather is also cooler and more comfortable. At this time, although the temperature is still high, the heat is not as uncomfortable as the previous months. The temperature does not change much, ranges from 26 – 31 degrees Celsius, the sunlight is not too strong and the highest temperature is still below 35 degrees C. The decrease in humidity combined with the cool breeze, clear blue sky make Hanoi so romantic.

What Is The Best Time Season To Visit Hanoi Vietnam?

Wandering through the golden leafy paths with a camera is a great option for those who like to photograph.

Hanoi weather in October – the most beautiful month of the year in Hanoi.
The weather begins to cold, autumn is also the season of “milk flower” – the symbol of Hanoi autumn bloomed in every corner of the street. The scenery during this time is mostly yellow and a bit red due to the color of the leaves which makes Hanoi look romantic than ever.

The temperature remains with 25-26 degrees with light wind and the amount of radiation decreases dramatically. The average temperature dropped sharply to 23 degrees Celsius at night and 28 degrees Celsius during the day. The weather is milder due to the reduction of humidity to 69% and rainfall to 146 mm. Although the number of rainy days does not change much, the rain was not as heavy as the previous month. October is among the best time of the year to visit Hanoi as well as the whole country. 

Hanoi weather in November is the first month of winter in Hanoi – the capital of Vietnam or the last month of autumn, the northeasterly winds start to approach Hanoi as well as the northern part of Vietnam with dry atmosphere. The sunlight decreases, the weather starts to chill.

Average temperatures continue to fall to 19- 24 degrees Celsius in one day. The weather is quite pleasant for tourists, especially those from Europe, who are quite familiar with temperatures below 20 degrees Celsius, which make November is among the best month to visit Vietnam in general as well as Hanoi in particular. In addition, the number of rainy days becomes reducing with only 5 days and total of 46 mm throughout the month. However, you should  be careful with rainy days because the weather can be very cold in the rain due to the influence of the monsoon. So have a jacket will be more useful in this weather.

Hanoi weather in December is the coldest and driest month of the year in the Ha Noi, the temperature reduces to 15- 16ºC, the night temperature down to under 11ºC The day time is very short and it is dark early around 5:30pm. Actually, everyone can feel the cold in different ways. If you are from the upper hemisphere, you will feel chilled as in the mid autumn, but if you are from SEA countries, you should bring warm jacket. 

What Is The Best Time Season To Visit Hanoi Vietnam?

The average temperature is around 19ºC, the highest temperature is 20oC, the low temperature  is 15ºC with the humidity low of 67%. Rains are less than previous months but bring very cold feeling. Therefore, you should wear warm clothes before going out at this time. 



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