Tan Lap Floating Village From Ho Chi Minh

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Tan Lap Floating Village From Ho Chi Minh

Tan Lap Floating Village From Ho Chi Minh

Nature beauty of Tan Lap Floating Village at the festival season.
Add : National Highway 62, Hamlet 3, Tan Lap Commune, Mộc Hóa District, Long An Province. ( Near Vietnam - Cambodia Border )


Transportation to Tan lap floating village from Ho Chi Minh , Please see the direction here.

Belongs to Tan Lap floating village eco-tourism site, 100km from Saigon, Tan Lap indigo forest is located in Moc Hoa district, Long An province, near Vietnam-Cambodian border. Because of the near distance from it to Sai Gon, tourists can reach this amazing destination by cars or motorbike to enjoy the scenery along the route. 

Tan Lap Floating Village From Ho Chi Minh

Before beginning your journey, you should prepare some food for lunch, filling up gas, and checking google maps again to ensure that you follow the right route. A suggestion for those who use smart phones (Android and IOS operating system) to save 3G is to download “Map.me” software to freely “google” roads offline.

From 7:30 – 10:30 a.m: We will start your journey at Pandora shopping center, in which you can see the bustling life of the big city. On the route from National Highway 2 to National Highway 62, we probably immerse yourself in beautiful golden rice paddies, immense pineapple fields, and traditional local markets that promise to give us a free “childhood returning ticket”.
10:30 a.m:  A warm welcome of Tan Lap floating village awaits us right on National Highway 62. After that, we have to let your motorbikes at parking area and buy tickets at the reception hall. It costs 3$/visit ticket and 1,5$ jolly-boat riding (Xuong) to explore the charming indigo forest.
The name of this eco-tourism site itself might “trick” you. You certainly think that it is a village while it’s actually a “primeval” immense indigo forest with various kinds of tortoise, snakes, storks, etc. It might take you 4 minutes to get to the trail running through the forest from the reception hall. Walking along this amazing trail, you probably indulge yourself into high indigo trees and explore its beauty that you have ever seen on adventure movies.

Tan Lap Floating Village From Ho Chi Minh
Hiding in the middle of the forest, the observatory at the height of 30 meters enables you to hold a panoramic view of the vast forest, enjoy the cool pristine air of nature, and listen to melodious songs of leaves and wind.

Sauntering along the trail, you will discover the "birds sanctuary" area, in which birds are nurtured and preserved in natural environment. Traveling a hundred meter further, you see the signal leading to Ban Nguyen lake (Cresent lake). 
2 p.m: We will leave the immense indigo forest to get back to the jolly- boat landing. Then, we fulfill our trip to the charming Tan Lap floating village. On the way home, you can drop by Thanh Hoa market offering agricultural products near the intersection of National Highway 62 and National Highway N2. It is a long-tradition market which provides agricultural and forestry products from the Western provinces, so it’s crowded with cars carrying goods and tradesmen. 
We plan to visit the ancient Phuoc Loc Tho village on DT824 Street (situated in Duc Hoa district, Long An province) but, in the end, we have to cancel this plan because of the rainy weather during these days. This 30.0000 square meter- village is famous for 22 charming wooden houses, featuring the characteristics of the architecture of the North, Central, and the South. In addition, it preserves and conserves ancient wooden, porcelain collections which promise to create “traditional” space and atmosphere for visitors. You just have to pay 2$ as entrance fee.

Tan Lap Floating Village From Ho Chi Minh
Moreover, you definitely buy local specialities along the way home as a souvenir for families and friends such as Banh Trang, pineapples, guavas, watermelons, etc.

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