Private Car Rental Cai Be Floating Market, Cu Chi Tunnel Tour 1 Day

This is a new tour operated from Ho Chi Minh to Cai Be floating market, Cu chi tunnel tour 1 day by private car transfers with local English speaking driver.

Private Car Rental Cai Be Floating Market, Cu Chi Tunnel Tour 1 Day

Unlikes other travel agents in Vietnam as they will not organize a full day tour of Mekong delta ( Cai be floating market ), Cu chi tunnel tour a day from Ho Chi Minh because it is a long journey but with our local company transportaion for 10 years of experience in Vietnam so we have enough experience to arrange the private taxi transfers from Ho Chi Minh to Mekong delta, Cai be floating market Cu chi tunnel a full day. 

You may look for the base tour itinerary as below:

6h00h- 6h30 am our car and driver will greeting you at the hotel lobby to depart for your Cai be floating market, Cu chi tunnel 1 day from Ho Chi Minh.

The vehilces will take you for 2h30 minutes from Ho Chi Minh to Cai be floating market boat station so you will get off the car and start to discover the Mekong delta by boat ( Kayak) 

8.00 AM: This is the best time to visiit the Cai Be floating market tour and watch the locals trading fruit and many other commodities on board their vessels. Visit a small family business to see how coconut candy and crispy rice popcorn are made. Then wander into the small villages to visit the orchard and fruit plantation, accompanied by traditional southern Vietnamese folk music.

9.30 AM: Keep cruising to a series of small canals to experience the charms of the Upper Mekong Delta. Arrive in Tan Phong Island, join to a tropical fruit served on the local island. Enjoy your eating experience and learn how to plan the farm on the island. 

10h00 am : a rowing the kayak (sampan) go through the apple mangrove canal for the typical peaceful landscape of Mekong Delta, even know more about locals’ lifestyle when joking with very friendly rowers. learning how to make the pop rice, coconut candy with the local people, rice paper, try to drink the snake alcohol here... 

11h00 am leave for Cai Be flaoting market for your next tour to Cu chi tunnel so lunch at local restaurant on the road to Cu chi tunnel. 

13h45 pm so you will ve arrived the Cu Chi Tunnel with the Cu chi document film first. 

Private Car Rental Cai Be Floating Market, Cu Chi Tunnel Tour 1 Day

Cu chi tunnel is the miniature of the creative and transformed battle of Cuchi people and soldiers in the fierce fight,lasting for 30 years against the aggressors for indendence,freedom of the country.

5h00 pm leave for the Cu Chi tunnel and retund to Ho Chi Minh hotel .

End of the tour service.

  • Private Car Rental Cai Be Floating Market, Cu Chi Tunnel Tour 1 Day
Routes - Price (USD) Time 5 seats 7 seats 14 seats 35 seats 50 seats
Cai be floating, Cu chi tunnel tour a day 99 119 149 199 289
Ho Chi Minh airport to Can Tho a day 79 82 112 139 269
Ho Chi Minh to Cu chi tunnel a day 52 59 69 89 199
Ho Chi Minh Cu chi tunnel & Temple a day 79 84 99 239 389







  • Service includes : English speaking driver,all of fuel and driver expense,parking and airport fee,water,tissue
  • Service excludes : Entrance fee,tour guide,accommodation,and other service not clear mention.

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  • Cancellation policy: No charge for cancellation before a day,deposit in advance will be off 5% and free for a local sim card of cell phone
  • For further information,please contact us: support@vietnamtrustcarrental.com
  • Hotline +84.0988.038.301 ( WhatsApp,Viber,Line)

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