Ninh Binh Car Rental - Rent A Car With Driver Ninh Binh

Ninh Binh Car Rental Vietnam: A Comprehensive Guide


Are you excited about your upcoming adventure in Vietnam? Discovering the stunning roads, serene countryside, and majestic rivers has never been more accessible with the convenient car rental Vietnam services available.

Whether navigating urban streets or coastal highways, this guide has everything you need for a seamless and unforgettable travel experience!

Vietnam's stunning landscapes are ready for you to discover, and having convenience is essential for an enriching journey.

Accessing streets and reaching remote spots becomes much easier with accessible transportation options.

That's where Ninh Binh car rental services come in handy. They provide a fantastic solution with various choices to match your travel style.

You can pick from a diverse range of luxurious to practical vehicles with capacities from 4 to 50 seats. 



Ninh Binh view from the Mua Cave 2023.


If you need clarification on Vietnamese traffic, a car rental in Ninh Binh with a driver is the solution. An English-speaking driver knows the best spots, so you can sit back and enjoy the ride.


Ninh Binh Car Rental - Rent A Car With Driver Ninh Binh.


If you need clarification on Vietnamese traffic, Ninh Binh car rental with a driver is the solution. An English-speaking driver knows the best spots, so you can sit back and enjoy the ride.

This illustrates how a car rental offers a straightforward solution for navigating the city's busy streets and making the most of your visit.

By opting for car rental in Ninh Binh, you're not only gaining a mode of transportation but also opening a world of possibilities to immerse yourself in the beauty and charm of Vietnam.

Embrace the road ahead with confidence, and let the wheels of your rented car carry you to unforgettable memories and experiences. Safe travels and happy exploring!

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Opting for a private car with an English-speaking driver in Ninh Binh provides unparalleled accessibility to iconic landmarks. Enjoy the convenience of seamlessly hopping between bustling markets, historic sites, and modern attractions.



Going up to the  Mua cave in Ninh Binh 2023.


You can opt for a car rental service with a driver to fully indulge in admiring the city and enjoying your journey to the fullest.


Rent a car Ninh Binh.


Additionally, you'll have the option to select a self-drive car or with a driver. A car rental Ninh Binh self-drive is perfect if you value freedom, flexibility, and privacy. Plan your trip your way without interruptions from others.

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Before making a car hire in Vietnam, make sure you have the necessary documents and meet the eligibility criteria:

Valid Driver's License (International Driving Permit recommended): You'll need a valid driver's license from your home country to rent a car in Vietnam.


Checklist prices for Ninh Binh car rental service:


  Type of vehicle 

Self-drive /24hrs

With Driver/8hrs

4 seats


US85 US69


US85 US69


US85 US69


US95 US69

7 seats


US95 US75


US95 US75


US95 US75


US95 US75


An International Driving Permit (IDP) is highly recommended as it can help avoid potential language barriers and ensure smooth interactions with local authorities.

Passport or Valid Identification: Carry your passport or a valid identification document as proof of identity when renting a car.

Rental agencies need to verify your details.

Age Requirements and Restrictions: Different rental companies might have varying age requirements for car rental in Vietnam. 



The Dcar limousine service in Noi Bai airport.


Typically, it would be best if you were at least 21 or 25 years old to rent a car, and some agencies might impose

additional fees for drivers under a certain age.


Taxi Ninh Binh getting around to Halong - Hanoi airport - Sapa - Ba Be 


Hanoi Airport to Ninh Binh hotel 

Duration: 2h25 minutes

Hanoi Airport to Ninh Binh is about 125 km

From Hanoi Airport ( Noi Bai Airport), you can take a private transfer to Ninh Binh center without a hassle.

You can book your taxi transfer from Noi Bai  Airport to Ninh Binh for 65$US.

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Journey -  Price In US Duration  4 seat  7 seat 16 seat
Hanoi Airport -Ninh Binh 2h25 minutes US65 US69 US95


My words


You'll quickly stumble upon unexpected scenic spots when visiting Ninh Binh, Vietnam.

A car rental includes a driver; without a driver, you can pause and capture the beauty of these scenes for as long as you desire. If you chance upon a charming neighborhood, you can also visit longer if preferred.


Our car fleet information:


Sedan 4 seat.

Sedan or Vios :  Vietnam-Budget-Car-Rental-Fleet-cars-1 3 people & Vietnam-Budget-Car-Rental-suitcase 3 luggage + handbags.


(Toyota Vios, Mazda 3, Honda Civic, Kia Stinger, Kia Selto)

SUV 7 seat 

SUV or Innova: Vietnam-Budget-Car-Rental-Fleet-cars-1 5 people   & Vietnam-Budget-Car-Rental-suitcase 5 luggage + handbags.

(Mux Isuzu, Toyota Fortuner, Inova, Avanza, Rush, Ford Everest, Nissan Terra, Kia Sorento, Xpander, Suzuki Ertiga)

Minivan 16 seat
Minivan : Vietnam-Budget-Car-Rental-Fleet-cars-112 people &Vietnam-Budget-Car-Rental-suitcase16 luggages + handbags


(Mercedes Spinter, Huyndai Solati).


*Please, book and confirm the self-car service with us in advance because we may require the payment deposit contracted.

5-Vietnam-Budget-Car-Rental-ImagesService includes English-speaking drivers, all fuel and driver expenses, parking and airport fees, water, and tissue.

5-Vietnam-Budget-Car-Rental-ImagesService excludes Entrance fee, tour guide, meals, accommodation, and other services not clearly mentioned.



For any FAQs for the future of the trip, please text our tour consultant on this application below:

Sales Vietnam_Budget_Car_Rental_phone__1+84988038301 whatsapp   Vietnam-Budget-Car-Rental-phone-Viber 

Support Vietnam_Budget_Car_Rental_phone__1+84.9327.266.44  whatsapp   Vietnam-Budget-Car-Rental-phone-Viber

Fanpage Vietnam-Budget-Car-Rental-Fanpage

How does the car rental reservation procedure work? 

All car rental reservations must require a payment deposit to secure your service always available and fix the base charge.

The entire process of booking a car is relatively easy! Please click here.


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Fleet car

MPV 7 Seat
MPV 7 Seat includes all brands of the Toyota, Huyndai, Mitshubishi and Honda.
New Minivan 16 seat
New minivan 16-seat in Vietnam, Minivan 16 seat new brands in Vietnam.
Limousine Luxury 10 seat
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Ford Everest SUVs 7 seat
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Mercedes S500
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7 Seats
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4 Seats
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