How To Create an Account Paypal From Credit,Master,Visa,Debit Card

How do online payments via credit or debit card work?

The process for businesses to accept credit or debit card payments online from customers involves several entities and many steps. Before we explore these in further detail, let’s briefly define some key terms:

Merchant account - A specific type of bank account required for a business to accept credit or debit card payments from customers.

Payment processor - A term often attributed with varying definitions. In the context of this guide, a payment processor is the facility of an acquirer which transfers transaction details to the relevant card association. 


Payment gateway - Software that facilitates the transfer of a customer’s card details from a merchant’s website to a payment processor. 

From the customer completing the merchant’s checkout process, through to the merchant receiving the funds in their bank account, the overall process for online credit and debit card transactions takes place in two broad stages - authorisation, and clearing and settlement.

Note: Please contact your bank service to require for the credit card payment overseas if this is your fist being charged for online shop.

Please, check out all payment online steps below:

1.  We will send for you an invoice and click on check out to pay.


2. Please, choose your visa/ Master card.


3. Please, input your card number and CVC


4. Final all your card information and chosse confirm.


5. You will receive an electronic invoice through your email and your reservation has been confirmed.

Thank you so much for your submitted the payment for us and see you in Vietnam soon.