Car Rental Without Driver In Ho Chi Minh city Vietnam

Vietnam Budget Car Rental Group is a specializes for Car Rental Without Driver In Ho Chi Minh city Vietnam in providing this service!

Would you like to change your international driving license into the Vietnamese drivers' license?

Would you like to extend Vietnamese Driver's license?

You are a foreigner who is working and studying in Vietnam and you would like to obtain a Vietnamese driving license to serve your traveling demands?

You would like to change your foreign driving license into Vietnamese driving license-Class B(car&van) => this work can be completed within 6-7 days (normal processing=2 weeks)-We can complete for you before you come to Vietnam if your Visa in Viet Nam still valid.


What do you need to make the Vietnamese driving license?

  • Need your valid passport and hotel booking 
  • Just need your local,(national) driving  license
  • Picture within 6 months ( 3x4 size)
  • Flight details ticket.
  • Visa 

*If your visa only 3 months, We can complete longer for you, maximum 5 years, please contact us!

In Vietnam, some companies offer the change of foreign driving license into Vietnamese driving license with the price of 100-150 US dollars.
However, in the praxis, they just translate the foreign driving license into Vietnamese, and when You go to the Department of Transport to proceed, you must wait in numerical order.
Until the Vietnamese driving license is granted, You must go there for receipt and wait in numerical order once again.
Therefore, to avoid being deceived, before proceeding with any service companies, You should clearly agree with such companies that:
       * You shall only go to the Department of Transport for one time – be present for just 2-3 minutes for completion – not wait in numerical order!
       *  Until the Vietnamese driving license is granted, it should be delivered to You in place.
       * You shall only pay fees upon receipt of the Vietnamese driving license in hand – not pay any deposit without Vietnamese driving license.

We are proud of the best car rental without the driver in Ho chi minh city Vietnam, our company will assist you to get the Vietnamese license driving without an international driving license within 6 days of working in Vietnam.

How long will you spend on your Vietnamese driving license? 

  • The Vietnamese driving license will be same on your Visa valid allowed entry to the  Vietnam
  • Minimum for a month for all Asia travelers who do not get any Visa to Vietnam


Who and how to get the Vietnamese driving license ?

There is a friendly and experienced team of the Vietnam Budget Car Rental Service will assist you to take it with a simple and easy way.

You do not have to spend much time, instead, you only submit your documents to our company and receive the Vietnamese driving license within the shortest time.
*We are committed that you still get your original driving license after our work is completed. You will get your original document at Department of Transport of Ho Chi Minh City located at 63 Ly Tu Trong-Ben Nghe Ward-District 1-HCM City at our company office location: 117-119  Ly Chinh Thang Street, District 3, HCMC, Vietnam. Your original document should be managed by you for your convenience for re-changing or re-issuance afterward in case of loss.
*To gain your trust and demonstrate our reputation, our company will not collect the fee. You only submit the necessary documents=>You only pay a fee when the work is 100% completed.

*Free delivery on hand in Ho Chi Minh City location.

If you do not have any Foreign Driving License, we can help you, please contact us!

  • The car rental cost for car rental drive-self in Ho Chi Minh is 40$ (USD)/day, rent a car no driver Hanoi is 40$(USD)/day, car rental without driver Danang Vietnam will be: 45$/day 

Booking Now

  • Cancellation policy: No charge for cancellation before a day,deposit in advance will be off 5% and free for a local sim card of cell phone
  • For further information , please contact us at support@vietnamtrustcarrental.com
  • Hotline:+84.988.038.301 (WhatsApp,Wechat,Viber)

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